K’s of New York

Meet the Team

K’s of New York is a boutique, full-service hair and makeup salon, opened by Co-Founders Kaye Tonkin and Kelly Allison in 2014, nestled in the leafy streets of Parkside, South Australia.

The unique name of the chic salon comes from Kaye and Kelly’s 17+ years of experience as hair stylists, makeup artists and salon owners in New York City.

In 2005, Kaye and Kelly opened K’s Salon with some of New York’s finest hair and makeup talent, which at the time was the only 5 star hair salon on the Upper West side.

Kaye Tonkin (Co-Founder/Owner)

Kaye is one of Adelaide’s most experienced hair stylists, having managed over 35 salons and owning 4 establishments throughout New York City, Sydney and her native city of Adelaide.

Kaye’s passion for hair styling led her to attend Hair Dressing College at the tender age of 13. Her career went international following a holiday to New York City in 1995. After spending a period of time in the thriving city, Kaye’s decision to further her experience and education progressed to an innovative career of 17 years in The Big Apple, working with some of the most affluent stylists and clients in the hair industry.

The mantra “using traditional methods in a modern era” has delivered Kaye continued success. She brings her eclectic flair and wholesome hospitality to every client’s experience.

Kelly Allison (Co-Founder/Owner)

Kelly is one of Adelaide’s foremost hair and makeup artists. She began her hair apprenticeship at 17 years old at Saks in Adelaide’s Hyde Park. A love for makeup saw her attend Peacock Academy of Makeup Artistry. These combined talents in both hair and makeup led her to Sydney, and soon after, joining Kaye in New York City.

After more than a decade in the USA, her resume contains Global names such as Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz and Sia. Returning to Adelaide for family reasons, Kelly now splits her work commitments between K’s of New York and working with fabulous local fashion brands like Australian Fashion Labels, Sally Phillips and Acler.